General Questions

What events do you cater?

We cater anything and everything. Weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, customer/employee appreciation. You create it, we'll cater it.

How does it work?

We simply pull up to your location and get to work. Your guests can walk up to the truck, order what they want from the pre-arranged menu, and you get to relax knowing your guests are getting a hot, fresh, cooked to order meal. We also have a few options for delivering to your office or event.

How far in advance should we book?

The sooner you book, the better. We book events year round. Our summer schedule fills up pretty quick once summer hits, while off-season events may be easier to secure. We will get inquires for multiple events on the same day. Even if you have received an estimate, your date is not secured and booking is not guarantee until the deposit is paid.

Can you cater last minute requests?

Sometimes we are able to make last minute requests work. This depends on our availability though. Contact us immediately for last minute inquiries and we will check our calendar and let you know.

How long is the truck booked for?

Typically events include 2 hours of truck time. If you won't need the truck for that long, we don't have to be there for the full 2 hours. If you think you'll need longer, there would be an additional fee.

Can we offer your full menu?

Unfortunately, no. In order to offer exceptional service, expedite food, and limit waste, we need to offer a smaller menu. 

Service Questions

When do you arrive?

We typically arrive one hour prior to the start of service.

Where will you park?

We need an area designated to park. Our truck is 24 feet long and we will need a semi-flat area. If you have any questions about where we can park, please contact Todd at 314-795-2510.

Do you need time to prep/close?

Yes. We need to allow for one hour to prep and one hour to close. We wish we could pull up and start serving and shut down and drive away, but it's not that simple.

What is provided?

We provide the product the food is served on/in, napkins, and utensils.

What can my guest order?

You select the menu you think your guest will enjoy the most. On the day of your event, your guest can simply walk up to the truck and choose any of the options from the menu they would like to have.

Can my guest order more than one item?

We leave this up to the host, our client. If you do not want to limit your guest, your guest can keep ordering as much as they want. We will tally up the total at the end and add any overages to your invoice. If you would like to limit your guest and not allow for overages, we will try our best to accommodate this. If you are strict on not allowing overages, we highly recommend giving your guest tickets to redeem. Unforunately, without a ticket system, we cannot guarantee there will be no overages.

Money Talk

Is there a minimum?

Yes. Minimum's vary based on the day of the week and time of day.

Is there a distance fee?

Yes. A distance fee may apply if the distance is more than 25 miles from Ballwin, MO.

What is the deposit?

A $250 non-refundable event fee is due immediately to secure the date for events with the Truck. Catering events require a 50% deposit.

When is the invoice due?

The total invoice is to be paid 7 days prior to the event. Any overages will be tallied by at the end of service and is due at the conclusion of the event.

What are overages?

Overage fees apply when you have gone over your invoice total. For example, if your invoice was for 55 orders and we served 60 orders, there will be an overage fee of 5 orders. Price per person overage is stated on each invoice.

Can we book Truck Norris for longer than 2 hours?

Yes. Each additional hour is billed at $75 per hour. Each additional 1/2 hour is billed at $50 per 1/2 hour. Example: You need us for 3.5 hours, there will be an additional fee of $125.